The Cube of Space


The Cube of Space


Since ancient times, the cube has been a symbol of Truth, Order, and the physical plane.  According to "The Book of Formation", the manifested universe is represented as a cube.   In Tarot Key 7 (The Chariot), we see a representation of the cube as being both a symbol for physical embodiment, and as a vehicle for the Self.  Thus, the cube of space is a representation of the Universe as a vehicle for the One Self's expression and experience. 

This Cube has the following properties:

  1. The six faces of this cube and its interior center are assigned to the seven double letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and thus also to the seven interior holy planets, the seven metals of alchemy, and the seven tarot keys:
    Cube Letter Planet Tarot Key
    Center Tav Saturn The World
    Above Beth Mercury The Magician
    Below Gimel Moon The High Priestess
    East Daleth Venus The Empress
    West Kaph Jupiter Wheel of Fortune
    North Peh Mars The Tower
    South Resh Sun The Sun


  2. The three interior co-ordinates correspond to the three Hebrew mother letters :
    Cube Axis Letter Aspect Tarot Key
    Above-Below Aleph Air The Fool
    East-West Mem Water The Hanged Man
    North-South Shin Fire Judgement


  3. The twelve boundary lines represent the twelve simple Hebrew letters, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and to the twelve remaining tarot keys: 
Cube Edge Letter Zodiac Sign Tarot Key
North-East Heh Aries The Emperor
South-East Vav Taurus The Hierophant
East-Above Zain Gemini The Lovers
East-Below Cheth Cancer The Chariot
North-Above Teth Leo Strength
North-Below Yod Virgo The Hermit
North-West Lamed Libra Justice
South-West Nun Scorpio Death
West-Above Samekh Sagittarius Temperance
West-Below Ayin Capricorn The Devil
South-Above Tzaddi Aquarius The Star
South-Below Qoph Pisces The Moon


A study of the spatial relationships of the Hebrew letters (and thus Tarot Keys) to one another on the Cube can reveal a deeper understanding  of the Tarot and of the underlying order of the Universe:


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Note that the Cube of Space also has a "flow" involved with it, in that there is a flow of energy along the edges of the cube from one tarot key to another.  This "flow" reveals much about how the Tarot keys inter-relate to one another.  

The following diagram is a representation of the cube, where it has been "flattened" in 2 dimensions in order to show the edges more clearly.  It is interesting that, given this representation, the cube looks like an electrical circuit with the faces of Above (K1:Magician)  and East (K3:Empress) acting as the battery or pump which drives the rest of the circuit.  



For example, note that K17 (The Star, representing the aspect of consciousness known as Revelation) partakes of the following qualities:



K17 is a combination of South (K19,Sun, The Sun, Regeneration) and Above (K1, Mercury, Magician, Self Consciousness). Revelation (K17) is the result of the Higher Self (Sun) making itself communicable (Mercury) to the Self Conscious.
K14 (Temperance, Verification) and K13 (Death, Transformation) flow into the vertex, out of which K17 flows. K13 corresponds to the Hebrew letter Nun, meaning "Fish".  K14 corresponds to the Hebrew letter Samekh, meaning "prop" or support.  K17 is Tzaddi, meaning "Fish Hook"; that which draws the Fish out of the water.

Revelation requires the support of the Higher Self (a.k.a. the Holy Guardian Angel of K14) in order for us to land the Fish (the wellspring of imaginative creation).

K17 (The Star, Revelation) combines with K5 (The Hierophant, Intuition) at the bottom vertex to form K6 (The Lovers, Discrimination) which flows out of the vertex. K5 is Intuition, the revealer of the mysteries; and K17 is the Revelation which is revealed.  The Revealer plus the Revelation are both required in order for us to see clearly and establish the Inner Harmony (K6) which is love.

See also the table of correspondences  for additional attributions of the Tarot Keys.

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